More about Dr. J.

Dr. Jacqueline Nelson, affectionately known as “Dr. J”, .is a developmental and transformational facilitator, mentor, health advocate and visionary.  Her many years of working with people of all ethnicities and various backgrounds has given her insight and understanding of the problems and pressures they encounter in today’s culture.  Dr. J’s diverse experience encompasses work in local Government,  particularly the assisted and public housing administration, as well as, social and supportive services for adults and at-risk youth.  Through her knowledge and many years of experience in public administration, Dr. J also earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Friends International University in Merced, CA.

The Way, Truth and Life Ministries was established in 1989 to provide  goods and services to women and children in all seasons and stages of life. Biblical principles and practical tools were provided for childrearing, money management, healthy eating, personal development and spiritual development. Emphasis was to improve the quality of life of the women and children, and on the finished work of Yeshua and the inheritance of the believer.

Dr. J’s passion for serving others  spans over 28 years in church leadership, women ministry, and biblical teaching within the surrounding Los Angeles area, and missions work in Haiti, West Indies. She also has volunteered for many organizations and served on the Board of Directors of various community and faith-based organizations..

The Abba Projects was birthed to expand services and restore the teaching of the “One New Man” Jewish roots of the Christian faith and the Messiah’s soon return.

Coming up:

Celebrating  God’s Appointed Times of Passover,  April 11-17, 2017

Pentecost, May 31, 2017 and Tabernacles, October 5, 2017

We are seeking ministries to join with us by hosting a Feast or “It’s All About Worship Classes”.  Please call Dr. J at 310-978-8686  for details.

 New series of teachings to be implemented:

  • The Conquer Series – For Men Only

  • ​Biblical Principles for Handling Your Money

  • Honoring God in Your Body/Temple

  • The Power of Ten Personal Development Series